Aerotec has the flexibility to "match the right technology to the right job". Whether covering the transmission rights-of-way or mapping larger areas, Aerotec's geo-mosaic ortho-photography can be used to prepare the maps/drawings necessary to get-the-job-done-right. Both fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft are used to capture aerial ortho-photography.

See the Digital Imagery FAQ for more nformation.


Higher-altitude aerial photography (fixed-wing, vertical framing camera) provides:

  • Wider right-of-way coverage to map/locate access routes
  • Wider area coverage (depending on aircraft altitude) to support new/proposed route selection efforts
  • High-resolution (7-12 inch ground pixel-size) to preserve detail
  • Flexibility (using either LIDAR digital terrain models or USGS DEM data in the ortho-rectification process, per customer specifications)

Lower-altitude (helicopter) aerial photography provides:

-Vertical photography (framing camera)
  • Focused right-of-way coverage to clearly depict obstacles and obstructions
  • Higher-resolution (3-6 inch ground pixel-size) to discern design details
  • Higher positioning accuracy (e.g., ortho-rectified to LIDAR data captured simultaneously)
  • Continuous geo-mosaic strip maps of the right-of-way (e.g., edge-matched and color-balanced image frames)

- Vertical Framing Camera
  • Higher-resolution close-up coverage of facilities as well as environmental and/or construction hazards
  • Broader field of view (e.g., complement to the vertical framing camera)
  • Framing rate matched to that of the vertical framing camera
  • Substitute for lower-quality video imagery
  • Substitute for lower-resolution oblique photographs
  • Flexibility to produce fly-through simulated video
PLS-CADD Image/Video Player - Continuous Overlapping Geo-Referenced Vertical Frame Aerial Photography

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Digital Imagery FAQ

What are the benefits of using digital imagery?

The greatest benefit is production speed. First, Aerotec’s digital imagery process does not require the laying of ground targets as traditional aerial photography does. Second, only one ground control point is required, typically a NGS monument. Finally, because the imagery is digital and no film is used, the production cycle is greatly reduced. It is not uncommon for Aerotec to deliver 100 linear miles or 50 square miles of imagery within one week of data collection.

Does digital imagery provide elevation data?

No. Digital imagery is intended to provide accurate horizontal information very quickly. To produce elevation data, Aerotec uses its lidar system, which provides elevation data faster and more accurately than traditional aerial photography.

What ground scales can I get with digital imagery?

This is another difference between digital imagery and traditional aerial photography. Digital imagery is ground scale independent. That is, for a given flight altitude Aerotec can produce almost any plotted ground scale without significant degradation in accuracy. Instead, Aerotec focuses on ground pixel size, which is another way of saying, “What is the smallest object you want to see in the image?” Aerotec’s digital camera can produce a ground pixel size as small as 3 inches, however the typical pixel size is between 8 and 12 inches.

How is digital imagery delivered to me?

Aerotec typically delivers its imagery to customers as both paper plots and electronic Geo-TIFF or ECW files. Geo-TIFF/ECW files are readable by most software packages. The electronic files are usually compressed to save space. When the imagery is delivered compressed, Aerotec always provides, free of charge, software that decompresses the imagery files.


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