Aerotec Awarded U.S. Patent for Top-Gun Veg-Tool
Picayune, MS---Aerotec, a leader in topographic maps and models, was recently awarded U.S. Patent 8374431 for its Top-Gun Veg-tool. The technology is used by utility foresters to identify, locate, analyze, and report vegetation clearance violations on electric power transmission rights-of-way. Click here for the full press release.
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Taking the War on Terror Underground
Mississippi Geospatial Companies Collaborate on Sensor and Software System to Detect Tunnels
Contact: Scott Dow, 601-749-3564,,
Joel Lawhead, 228-242-0014,
Bay Saint Louis, Miss. – According to Time Magazine, since 2001, more than 100 tunnels on the Mexican border have been discovered by U.S. law enforcement, compared with just 15 in the 1990s, and the pace is accelerating. But now there is new technology that promises to locate drug smugglers and terrorists in underground tunnels and caves where they hide. The INSITE VI (IS6) system is the result of a partnership among three U.S. companies. Aerotec LLC, NVision Solutions, Inc., and EnTech Engineering Inc., are jointly marketing the system to the U.S. government and the utilities/pipeline industries.

The system uses a helicopter fitted with an integrated sensor able to detect subtle changes in terrain and sense energy fields/zones originating under the earth’s surface. Specialized software processes this information to identify locations of features on the surface as well as locations of underground targets such as tunnels and pipeline leaks/voids.

Using this technology, trained experts can fly over an area and “see” up to 80 feet deep into the earth to find caves, tunnels, pipes, and even leaks/voids in levees not visible from the ground.

In 2006, a live test was conducted for officials from several U.S. agencies. The test required locating multiple known tunnels from the air originally found through informants on the ground. The subterranean IS6 map was successful in locating all of the known tunnels and gave evidence of other smuggling routes into California.

This year, the IS6 team performed another test along the London Canal in New Orleans, Louisiana, uncovering a stretch of levee with significant water seepage through tiny faults foreshadowing potential breeches or collapse sometime into the future.

The specialized software helps the IS6 team locate areas to fly by analyzing above ground geography for key elements needed by criminals working underground. For example, drug cartels building tunnels under U.S. borders need buildings on both sides to cover entry and exit into the U.S. Insurgents using caves in Afghanistan or Pakistan need geographic features such as water sources and travel routes near hideouts.

“This technology is an exciting development in our nation’s defense capability; America’s enemies can run, but now it will be a lot harder to hide,” said Craig Harvey, Chief Operating Officer of NVision Solutions.


Aerotec, LLC is a value-added services company that uses state-of-the-art airborne remote sensing (data capture) and data analysis technologies to provide topographic maps and models to its customers throughout North America. Aerotec’s primary technologies include Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR/laser-scan), various types of digital aerial photography, proprietary and commercial (off-the-shelf) software, and specialized engineering analysis packages. For more information about Aerotec, an active member of Mississippi’s geospatial industry cluster, visit

NVision Solutions, Inc. is a small, disadvantaged, minority, woman-owned certified 8(a) firm specializing in mission-critical, high-tech, GIS-based decision support systems and services. NVision, an active member of Mississippi’s geospatial industry cluster, is headquartered in south Mississippi. For more information about NVision Solutions, Inc., visit
EnTech® Engineering has more than 25 years experience of Remote Sensing and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) projects. In addition to holding ten U.S. and International patents, EnTech® Engineering has invested over a million dollars in state-of-the-art Infrared Ground Penetrating Microwave Radar, Low Light Level Video and related scientific instrumentation. EnTech® Engineering is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information, visit

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Aerotec exhibits Vegetation Management Products at 2009 Trees and Utilities Conference
Aerotec exhibited its second generation electric power transmission ROW vegetation management products at the 2009 Trees and Utilities Conference in Dallas April 6-8.
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Aerotec featured at Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2008

During October 2008, Aerotec will be one of several Mississippi-based companies featured at the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2008 by the following Mississippi economic development organizations:
1. Mississippi Development Authority – Global Business Division/Asia-Pacific Trade
2. Mississippi Enterprise for Technology (Stennis Space Center)
3. Enterprise for Innovation in Geospatial Solutions (EIGS) (Oxford, MS)
Aerotec’s recent participation in the production of the innovative music video “House of Cards” by RadioHead will be featured along with other examples of Aerotec’s color 3D LIDAR modeling capabilities.

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Aerotec provides 3D LIDAR models for music video.
Aerotec has recently provided airborne color 3D LIDAR models (large outdoor scenes) to ZOO Films for the production of a new innovative music video featuring the alternative rock group RADIOHEAD. The title of their new work is "House of Cards". Per the press release, "the video is ... the first to be shot without the use of any cameras and only using lasers and scanners." Additionally, "For the first time ever a music video, Radiohead's "House of Cards", is being premiered by Google." Aerotec employees enjoyed participating in the production of this innovative work.
Aerotec Integrates Delorme Street Atlas USA© with Vegetation Management

Aerotec has developed a light-weight end user product for vegetation management that runs on Delorme Street Atlas Plus. This product allows the user to take all of the identified hazard vegetation, as well as the corresponding task orders, to the field in a convenient, easy to handle format. The Delorme Street Atlas Plus program is GPS compatible and will allow for real-time tracking of the users location in relation to identified hazard vegetation. Aerotec is now a value added reseller (VAR) for Delorme products and can provide Delorme Street Atlas Plus with your delivered product. Just another example of how Aerotec can get the data you want in the form you need.

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Aerotec Awarded U.S. Patent for Top-Gun Veg-Tool
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Taking the War on Terror UnderGround
Mississippi Gerospatial Companies Collaborate on Sensor and Software System to Detect Tunnels
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Aerotec exhibits vegetation management products at 2009 Trees and Utilities Conference
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Aerotec featured at Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2008
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Aerotec provides 3D LIDAR models for music video.
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Aerotec Announces New Products for Electric Power Transmission Engineering
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Aerotec Integrates Delorme Street Atlas with Vegetation Management
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