Aerotec’s field support personnel provide ground control, weather data capture/processing, logistical support, mission control (including ground-air-ground radio communications), emergency services coordination, and right-of-way access coordination for Aerotec’s airborne data capture operations.

Quality Assurance
Aerotec’s policy/objective is to verify that all airborne data captured meets or exceeds customer expectations before the airborne data capture operations are terminated and the field operations crews depart the job site. To accomplish this objective, Aerotec staffs its field support crews with a full compliment of qualified Geomatics Engineer(s) to resolve all geomatics issues related to all types of data captured. This means that the airborne data is processed in the field to the extent that data quality and coverage issues are resolved prior to departure from the job site.

Before delivery of the final product to the customer, Aerotec field crews revisit the job site to verify key structure and surrounding obstacle locations through the use of conventional ground based surveying techniques, as may be required.

Aerotec maintains an active, documented safety program. Safety briefings are a standard practice for all aircraft and field operations.

Field Operation Highlights
Click here for pictures and examples of air and ground operations from various geographic locations throughout the year.





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