Electric Power Transmission - Routing

Aerotec can support transmission line routing and construction projects through an incremental implementation of its lidar, imagery, and GIS technology. This approach allows for quicker selection of primary and alternate routes; detailed survey data along the selected route, faster timelines, and an overall reduction in new route construction budgets.


Step 1: Aerotec collects high resolution color digital imagery of the planned line corridor

  • Aerotec's digital imagery technology requires minimal ground targets, which reduces mission prep time
  • Aerotec's digital imagery is geo-referenced and ortho-rectified, and imports easily into all major engineering software packages
  • Aerotec can collect, process and deliver more than 100 square miles of high resolution color imagery in less than a month

Step 2: Select your primary and alternate routes, build detailed strip maps

  • From the imagery, primary and secondary routes are easy to build and plan from
  • Once the final basic route is settled, refined strip maps of the corridor can be extracted from the existing imagery - no need to re-fly!

Step 3: Survey the selected route with lidar

  • With the route finalized, lidar data is collected to precisely define the terrain where structures will be placed
  • Aerotec's lidar DEMs, DTMs, and contour maps import easily into all major engineering software packages

Step 4: Engineer and build the line

  • Using line engineering programs such as PLS-CADD, TL-CADD, Pole-CADD, and others, the lidar and imagery data support rapid design and engineering of the final line

Routing: Existing & Proposed Routes (Quadsheet Background Map) Routing: Existing & Proposed Routes (Aerial Photography Background Map)
Routing: Existing & Proposed Routes (Quadsheet Background Map) Routing: Existing & Proposed Routes (Aerial Photography Background Map)
Routing: Existing & Proposed Routes (Shaded Relief Background Map)  
Routing: Existing & Proposed Routes (Shaded Relief Background Map)  

Aerotec offers a unique approach to assisting electric power transmission engineers in the route selection process using its Transmission GIS Route Selection ( TGIS-RS) software application.

TGIS is Aerotec's desktop (PC-based) application that allows routing engineers to:

  • Access multi-media geographic information in a GIS-browser environment,
  • GIS data
  • Maps
    • USGS Quadsheets
    • Shaded relief maps
    • Digitized maps
  • Digital imagery
    • Satellite imagery
    • Aerial photography
  • Oblique digital aerial photography
  • Video (vertical and oblique)
  • Conduct preliminary routing studies,
  • Define/re-define multiple alternative routes,
  • Select one or more alternative routes,
  • Export terrain (USGS DEM and/or LIDAR DTM) data to engineering modeling packages such as PLS-CADD,
  • Export digital imagery/ortho-photography/USGS Quadsheet maps as background imagery for engineering models supported by PLS-CADD
TL Routing Services (Route Selection - Pt 1)
TL Routing Services (Route Selection - Pt 2)

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