Aerotec is introducing additional products for electric power transmission engineers who use the PLS-CADD software package. Aerotec’s new products include:

  1. LIDAR Intensity Images – highly accurate black and white images constructed directly from the intensity of the LIDAR return signals. This form of digital imagery is intended to be used as a background for PLS-CADD models.
  2. Continuous Overlapping High-resolution Geo-referenced Digital Frame Imagery
    1. Vertical (as non-orthorectified frames and/or geo-mosaic orthorectified background)
    2. Oblique

      Click here to view demo of continuous overlapping vertical imagery. *
      Click here to view demo of continuous overlapping oblique imagery. *
  3. Geo-referenced video (vertical and oblique)
  4. Aerotec Image/Video Player software for PLS-CADD capable of accessing and displaying all of Aerotec’s digital imagery forms concurrently, inside the PLS-CADD work session.

All four of these additional products are now available for your use, concurrently with Aerotec’s geo-mosaic aerial ortho-photography background for PLS-CADD. This capability provides the PLS-CADD engineer with an unparalleled view of the contents of the right-of-way. Also, it provides the PLS-CADD engineer with the flexibility of choice regarding which combinations (options) of imagery are best suited to the work at hand (e.g., certain forms of imagery may or may not be selected for each and every job).

A brief (6-minute) video that illustrates the use and value of each of these products, used individually or in combination is available for viewing. Click here to view the video. *

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Your electric power transmission projects will benefit from these new Aerotec products. Some of the primary benefits are listed below:

  1. LIDAR Intensity Images
    1. Minimal impact on PLS-CADD performance as compared to the use of color geo-mosaic ortho-photography background imagery.
    2. Produced early in the production cycle – supports earlier delivery of PLS-CADD preliminary models to the customer.
    3. Supports line-routing/re-routing work, especially in urban environments – customer proven capability.
  2. Continuous Overlapping High-resolution Geo-referenced Digital Frame Imagery
    1. Vertical/Oblique frame imagery can be used in lieu of video.
    2. Vertical/Oblique frame imagery can be used in lieu of geo-mosaic ortho-photography background imagery.
    3. Vertical/Oblique frame imagery is displayed using Aerotec’s Image/Video Player software external to the PLS-CADD software resulting in better overall performance.
    4. Vertical frame imagery can be ortho-rectified to LIDAR data later in the production cycle to produce a geo-mosaic image of the entire right-of-way, as may be required by the customer.
    5. Each 16.7Mpixel vertical/oblique image frame can be delivered as a .jpg image which significantly reduces storage requirements while preserving the original .tif image resolution, if required by the customer.
  3. Video (geo-referenced vertical and oblique video)
    1. Lower price, but significantly lower image resolution and control of display functions
    2. Vertical and oblique video can be displayed simultaneously (tandem) providing two modes of display
      • Synchronous – both the vertical and the oblique video are focused on the same point on the ground
      • Patrol – the vertical video is slightly delayed (as compared to the oblique video) to simulate what an observer would actually see if he were riding in the helicopter while the video was being captured.
  1. Aerotec’s Image/Video Viewer Software
    1. Access to Aerotec’s Image/Video Viewer is planned for delivery (by PLS) to all licensed PLS-CADD customers with the next production upgrade to PLS-CADD.
    2. The Image/Video Viewer software will be delivered by Aerotec FREE to all active Aerotec customers who wish to use it.
    3. Aerotec’s Image/Video Viewer software supports the use of
      • Geo-referenced oblique structure imagery
      • Geo-referenced continuous overlapping oblique high-resolution imagery
      • Geo-referenced continuous overlapping vertical high-resolution imagery
      • Geo-referenced video (vertical and oblique)

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