Electric Power Transmission - Engineering and Modeling
Over the past several years, Aerotec has produced 3D engineering models for over 25,000 miles of electric power transmission facilities for most major electric utilities (and/or their consulting engineering firms) throughout North America. These models were constructed for engineers using PLS-CADD, PoleCADD, and/or TLCADD software products.

Engineering models take advantage of all of Aerotec's airborne data products:

- LIDAR - 3D geometry
- Close-up oblique digital aerial photography (geo-referenced) of structures, obstructions, and environmental/construction hazards,
- High-resolution digital geo-mosaic aerial ortho-photography
- Video (vertical and oblique, geo-referenced)
- Infrared video (option)
- Corona video (option)

Some additional uses of Aerotec’s airborne data include:

- Facilities Inventory (asset management)
- Facilities Inspection
- Vegetation Management
- Maintenance Patrol

Customers have the opportunity to extract additional value from all of Aerotec’s airborne data. All of the data is GIS-compatible.

Enjoy working with a 3D color LIDAR model, using QT Reader software by Applied Imagery. Click here to download model and to view instructions.

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Happy Snap Photo: TL Environmental Hazard
Happy Snap Photo: TL Structure Guying Configuration (Black and White) Happy Snap Photo: TL Environmental Hazard (Black and White)
Happy Snap Photo: TL Switching Station Configuration Happy Snap Photo: TL Substation Configuration
Happy Snap Photo: TL Switching Station Configuration (Color) Happy Snap Photo: TL Substation Configuration (Color)
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PLS-CADD TL Laser-Scan Services
Happy Snaps: TL Structure Guying TL Plan & Profile With Color Imagery

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